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Molped Thin Panty Liners Shower Fresh Super-Economical 60 Pieces

Product Code: 1112370
  • $4.76

Tags: Molped, Thin, Panty, Liners, Shower, Fresh, Super-Economical, 60, Pieces

Molped thin panty liners Shower Fresh throughout the day gives a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness. Air-permeable surface technology, 3 times more breathes. Odor lock in odors that may occur in the control system. Molped soft side with the barrier Thin panty liners skin-friendliness dermatologically approved. Molped breathing thin panty liners shower fresh all day long provides a feeling of clean underwear. No later than 3-4 hours daily for your comfort and your health we recommend that you change your pad. Molped all products are halal certified.

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