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Mr Peabody & Sherman Mr. Peabody and Sherman curious 3D+2D Blu-ray

Product Code: 512607
  • $5.13

Tags: Mr, Peabody, &, Sherman, Mr., Peabody, and, Sherman, curious, 3D+2D, Blu-ray

Mr. Peabody and Sherman Mr. Peabody and Sherman curious

How to Train Your Dragon egitirsin the people who make fun with this comedy filled with laughter from everyone of all ages that would love is waiting for you! Mr Peabody, a genius inventor and scientist who is a dog. Sherman time travel with his friend to save for the future and fix the past by doing that they were thrown into an extraordinary adventure.

Director: Rob Minkoff

Languages 3D: English 7.1 DTS , Turkish 5.1 , French DTS 5.1 , German DTS 5.1 , Italian DTS 5.1
2D languages: English 7.1 DTS , Turkish 5.1 , Bulgarian 5.1 , Portuguese 5.1, Hungarian 5.1 , Polish 5.1 , Serbian 5.1

3D SUBTITLES: Turkish , English , French , German , Italian , Arabic
2D SUBTITLES: Turkish , English , Arabic , Bulgarian , Hungarian , Polish , Portuguese , Serbian

DURATION: 92 minutes

3D VIDEO: 1.78:1
2D IMAGE: 1.85:1


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