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Bead Index Pool Round 3

Product Code: 1125667
  • $65.17

Tags: Bead, Index, Pool, Round, 3

Bead Round 3 Pool Index

Pool 3 round Bead
Dimensions: 229 cm x 51 cm colour white
Weight: 7.5 kg
Perfect for Splash and play in this fun pool friends
all summer refreshment and is perfect for your family. 
Rahatlar parents by the pool while the little ones watch while enjoying the water. 
This swimming at the centre there are two air chambers; each one with a lid that opens for quick and easy inflating
for air discharging and easy. 
Age Group : 3+ Years
Barcode: 6941057403151
Item no : IH57192
Box dimensions : 46 x 40,5 x 15,5 CM.

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