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Barguz Gift Package 2 Kg

Product Code: 974393
  • $18.60

Tags: Barguz, Gift, Package, 2, Kg

andenvironment Malatya and gift packages of delicious, healthy and natural products is a combination of the creating is offered to our esteemed customers.

andAlso if you want to taste these delicacies to your loved ones door delivery as shipping all over Turkey are provided. (In the cargo-Anniversary - Congratulations - messages are sent to your Celebration)

andProduct contents: wooden tray (gross)

andsun dried Pecan

andYellow Apricot Nut

andWick Pomegranate delight

andWick Milky delight

andSimple Wick delight

andMilky Cezerye

andPecan sausage

andPistachio Amulet

andPistachio Atom

andPecan Sausage

andapricot kernel

anddouble roasted Marshmallow

andnote: after completely order is received our dishes prepared using fresh products for gift products may vary on the images and arrangement.

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