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The Cool Blue Color Pilsa Foldable Scooter 3-Wheel Height

Product Code: 998701
  • $24.98

Tags: The, Cool, Blue, Color, Pilsa, Foldable, Scooter, 3-Wheel, Height

the cool pilsa Scooter - blue color

3 wheeled height adjustable and foldable

Collapsible steering system which is easy use with scooters and easy to carry

braking system and smart security system keeps it in the forefront of the custom wheel.

produced in accordance with European toy standards And is suitable for all children over 2 years of age with domestic production pilsa the scooter.

ILLUMINATED custom manufactured to a limited number pilsa the SCOOTER is not COOL..

unlike all other two wheel scooters in front, is now available with the swivel feature on the wheel..

Power scooterla pilsa all sizes of product are identical.

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