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Largo Winch Blu-Ray

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Largo Winch the billionaire bum in front of you! Buckle up, it's gonna be a jarring ride... Famous billionaire Nerio winch is found dead near yacht. The founder and the largest shareholder of the W Group with over 400,000 employees around the world Nero Winch the death is suspicious. The family of a famous businessman. So therefore who is of heritage that will remain Winch of the board of directors who will be named to the Empire becomes the most critical issue. Nerio's big secret, but nobody doesn't know about yet. Nero was adopted 26 years ago a boy from an orphanage in Bosnia. This child, Largo, were grown by a family in the privacy of fishing on the Adriatic coast. Largo Winch adventurous, rebellious and combative spirit, in addition to having been a notorious womanizer. 26-year-old Largo although it is not know yet, and there are many fierce enemies around is the heir of a global trading empire.
In the lead roles the film is a famous French stand-up artist Tomer Sisley (Truands), Kristin Scott Thomas (the English Patient) and Miki Manojlovic (Underground) facility.
Largo Winch by Jean Van Hamme was created in 1973 as the hero of a novel. Philippe Van Hamme Largo Winch then draws the comic with carried to francq. Comics for 18 years continues.


Jerome Salle


Tomer Sisley,

Kristin Scott



Time/Production :

104 min. / 2008

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