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Thick As Thieves (The Code) - The Last Game On Blu-Ray

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Tags: Thick, As, Thieves, (The, Code), -, The, Last, Game, On, Blu-Ray

thick as Thieves (Code) - last game



Keith Ripley who is a competent robber, "performed by the profession the right to" wanting to give, this cause does not compromise certain principles in an unusual criminal. Some of these principles "just do it", "get a date", "submission", "cooperation with the police such as" are bases. His former partner for not obeying these principles, paid with his life. Gabriel is a man who masterfully charismatic Jack theft. Ripley, he planned to undress himself on the trail of a jewelry dealer, jewelry dealer with great expertise and becomes a witness to rob and Jack. He will become one of the biggest robberies the thief found a partner in Ripley. After performing the heist is so big, the former partner of Ripley's goddaughter will be able to pay his debt to the Russian mob and will be able to save Alex's life. However, despite opposition from Ripley's, rapprochement began between Alex and Gabriel. Ripley and Gabriel, protected by strict security measures on the day of the robbery very great, but one of them managed to get into the building has not complied with one of the principles.

DIRECTOR: Mimi Leder

PLAYERS: Morgan Freeman , Antonio Banderas

languages: English 2.0 , English 5.1


running time: 103 minutes

IMAGE: 2.35:1

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