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Sammy's Adventures 2 3D Blu-ray

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Tags: Sammy's, Adventures, 2, 3D, Blu-ray


That are each other's best friend, two sea turtles, Sammy and Ray and new on the island of coral sand and sea to enjoy the sea turtle from egg to offspring leads to Ricky and Ella. Suddenly, he might make you a hunter do not hesitate to hunt in the Forbidden Zone, and he two of them, takes you to a custom aquarium that will be shown to tourists in Dubai. This is the linchpin in the aquarium Big D horse named. Big D, the new arrivals are included in the Escape Plan. However, they are new friends of ours, tiny eyes, Fat Fish, Lulu the lobster arrogant and his own family, they make plans to escape a big penguin. That at the time Little Ricky and Ella appears; they came to rescue them. Assorted and exciting adventure after escape attempts, our heroes, Sammy's first and only love, which is to meet with the Shell, to the South Seas , they take it the right way..

  • Director:
Kesteloot Vincent



  • Time:

89 min.

  • Type:


  • Display:

3D 1920X1080P 16:9 1.78:1

  • Language:

Turkish 2.0 - English DTS 2.0

  • Subtitle:


  • Extras:

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