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Richmond Men's Casual Shirt Pingomlek Lisboa

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men's casual shirt, 100% cotton Fit Casual CHECKED shirts .
Proudly gift you can enjoy you can wear high quality shirt.Different and Private you will feel and you will feel that you are.
Apreli easy care in Giza (Egypt) Cotton compact yarn is manufactured.Ironed after washing easy can feature. Soft tape and CF FIT CASUAL men's shirt is cut. Used patterns, 108 annual British patterns.
  • all the sutures 1 cm in 7 shot. the
  • long sleeve the
  • pocket a the
  • 7 cm single-button rounded mansetli is. the
  • double Rob 10 cm the
  • the tip of the collar 7 cm the
  • stitched decor Open Pat 3 cm the
  • Pat's bone should be horizontal on the Finish button. the
  • Backup button is available. the
  • Oval skirt the
  • CB collar/Button down/ - button up collar the
  • boss stitched shoulders. the
  • with double-needle cover should be clean.

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