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Toy Pink Plastic 12 Cm Outer Eastland Scratch Bagels

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Tags: Toy, Pink, Plastic, 12, Cm, Outer, Eastland, Scratch, Bagels

Toy Pink Plastic 12 cm Outer Eastland Scratch Bagels

dog teeth cleaning with a diameter of 12 cm makes it a snap. In dogs adult teeth itch, that you can use for care and cleaning of your gums a dog toy. Your dog's teeth while playing with the product specially designed dental food particles that accumulate on the teeth by entering into a toy also cleans parts of the protruding gums you can massage too.

your dog's teeth, for the health of the stomach and intestines, always, don't hesitate to toys of this type.


Size: 12 cm

- fish paste or meat juice on this toy to make it attractive to your dog you can take.

- wash and rinse with soapy water and clean the product from time to time .

- is a toy suitable for dental hygiene.

- 1 pieces.

- suitable for adult dogs.

- designed in the form of a barbed Bagel Dog dental care product.

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