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Doggie Cat ID Collar Neck 1.Camel 5X35 Cm

Product Code: 1184776
  • $4.55

Tags: Doggie, Cat, ID, Collar, Neck, 1.Camel, 5X35, Cm

Doggie Cat ID Collar Neck 1.CAMEL 5x35 Cm

note : our call center are sought by name or number.

technical details

leather process Herbal machined with high strength to a certain extent with water resistance stainless chrome-plated metal accessories and with warranty quality workmanship manufactured in the doggie.

between 1-5 kg cats and puppy dogs (Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, Pekingese, Terrier, dachshund) can use.

Features :

Leather feature : a single coat.

Hush: evil eye Beaded

Width : 1.5 cm

Length : 35 cm

Net. length : 32 cm

* waterproof to a certain extent

* metal accessories made of nickel

* 1.grade genuine leather

Note: Use months or wiped with a damp cloth long lasting products for your skin, Almond oil or wipe with shoe Polish.

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