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Dog Neck Collar Embroidered Glitter 35*45 Cm, Silver

Product Code: 1184788
  • $3.05

Tags: Dog, Neck, Collar, Embroidered, Glitter, 35*45, Cm, , Silver

Embroidered Dog collar Glitter 35*45 cm Silver


min: 35 cm

Max: 45 cm

neck collar Embroidered Dog collar designed as a weaving portion glitter and stamp. You can find the most appropriate collar around your dog's neck circumference to measure. Sparkly collar for your dog will be an ideal choice. Cute patterned designed for friends as Sim. It is designed with sequins and glitter on.

- in vivid colors.

- is a dog collar Adjustable.

Stamp handles

- this assortment overflow is covered with scales.

- Silvery in color.

- is covered with scales glittering on.

note: by measuring the circumference of your cute friend's neck before taking the leash, Please make the appropriate selection. Stony has been given to the minimum and maximum size of the collar.

by the time your product reaches you, check the package next to the cargo officer.If you observe any damage, necessarily to the cargo officer, “damage REPORT” secure your not.For damaged cargo is obliged to submit the report to the cargo officer.

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