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Cats And Dogs Lint And 14-25 Cm Cream Massage Glove-Red

Product Code: 1184811
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Tags: Cats, And, Dogs, Lint, And, 14-25, Cm, Cream, Massage, Glove-Red

dogs and cats lint and 14-25 cm Cream Massage glove-Red

designed as a silicon surface pet comb massage by stimulating blood circulation under the skin to love your friend and, in this way, support skin and hair health, besides being spilled on the surface or loss of feathers in the fur that can be worn on the hand that collects on the brush.

thanks to its ergonomic structure, you can use your hand comfortably. Two with the appropriate structure is whether the ligaments is very easy to use. Thanks to the special texture, that can be used in both directions, with these gloves you will be able to easily clean your pet belongs to all kinds of fabric feathers.

product dimensions:

width:14 cm

Length: 25 cm


- left and right is appropriate in your hand, and massage with technique you can timarlayab.

- can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

- you can easily clean up their waste that accumulates on the hair.

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