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Petlas Tl Reinf 215/45 R16 90V. Pt741 Velox Sport-Summer Tire

Product Code: 1185377
  • $78.89

Tags: Petlas, Tl, Reinf, 215/45, R16, 90V., Pt741, Velox, Sport-Summer, Tire


Auto Tires produced PT741 special performance enthusiasts; quality, safety and driving pleasure combine. Preferred Velox sport pt741 true performance enthusiasts, users can experience high performance. The specially developed profile of the tire is gaining the admiration of the speed passion. Auto cars custom developed tires with excellent performance, it provides excellent handling and balance. Even with the sharpest bends without sacrificing handling performance driving is doing.

Tire with superior performance

Unique tread design and new tread pattern aesthetic mixture with high adhesion on wet or dry conditions and with all the turns before you say reduces fuel consumption without compromising security. Durable construction with long life guarantee. Petlas, driving at maximum speeds, even with Velox sport pt741 of the tire doesn't compromise on performance. The suitability of passenger vehicles by car lovers is gaining acclaim. C-class fuel efficiency, the tire has 71 external current tag DB with the volume all over Europe. Offer perfect comfort and pleasurable driving experience for automobile users.

Auto Tire Properties

  • wheel diameter: 16” the
  • cross section Ratio: 45 the
  • User Type: Passenger the
  • Seasons: Summer the
  • base width: 215 mm

Petlas Brand Tyres Reliable

Petlas tires, founded in 1976, domestic manufacturing is known as a tire brand. In 1989, the first tyre manufacturer increasingly capacity continues to increase. “Safe Tire” to the concept of great importance, and appreciated and preferred brand by consumers who take care of a brand. All units are quality and management, shows the importance privileged. Day by day, increasing its share contributes to the economy of the country by Sunday. Petlas winter tyres and summer tyres is more and more preferred in our country and around the world.

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