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Kayra Scarf-Yesil Ka-B9-Esp106-25

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Kayra Scarf-Yesil KA-B9-ESP106-25

editor's note: does not show the Interior , the sweat does not slip, and suitable for summer use.

washing instructions:

*water and stain resistant.

do not leave in the sun for a long time.

*does not contain carcinogenic substances.

* the temperature of the water while washing your scarf must be at a level that won't hurt your hand.

* do not use soap or detergent when washing to avoid damaging your scarf never gel.

*instead of shampoo you can use baby shampoo or a silk scarf or TUE.

* in your home from boring to lay out your scarf on a towel to dry it would be more correct.

* you must iron your scarf when it is damp with utulemel backwards.

*your scarf dry cleaning is recommended for longer life.

SCARF SIZE : width: 90 cm height: 90 cm.

product features
the color of HijabYesil
DetailsPattern Mixed

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