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800W Dewalt Professional blowing machine and suction Dwb800

Product Code: 1185735
  • $93.33

Tags: 800W, Dewalt, Professional, blowing, machine, and, suction, Dwb800

DWB800 800W Dewalt Professional suction and blowing machine
16000dev/min. Thimble speed
4.5m3/min. Air flow
computer, TV, etc. untouched and precision cleaning for sensitive products,
air conditioning and ventilation systems, filter cleaning allows easy cleaning,
large machinery, equipment, and cleaning the fan provides quick and easy cleaning,
Chemical applications in the field of dowel allows you to be cleaned from dust and dirt
the cutting line sawdust and dust accumulated in the machine and allows it to be easily cleaned,
allows it to be easily cleaned of dried leaves,
lightweight and compact design with easy-to-use the possibility of
locking button for ease of continuous operation
variable speed/RPM setting in different applications thanks to the ease of use,
convenient use in different applications thanks to a flexible rubber pipe,
easy and convenient dust bag
Weight 1.8 kg

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