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Eltos Fireproof Cable Kit 1200 W Pipe Welding Machine (CE Approved)

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Tags: Eltos, Fireproof, Cable, Kit, 1200, W, Pipe, Welding, Machine, (CE, Approved)

cargo between 1-3 days

  • N6, plastic body
  • polished aluminium Iron(1200 W double-tube resistance)
  • Plastic foot
  • 2m tape measure
  • Teflon coated sheet set(20-25-32-40)
  • a mini water-balance
  • Allen key
  • pipe cutting scissors

Manson, your source machine, you must have suitable equipment as well as the source.
your source machine. The first key on the lamp, then the light comes on and the source other control of your machine which is required for the welding temperature of 260 ° C in hot condition until it reaches the remains.
When the control lamp goes out, means that for the resource has reached the required temperature. It is ready to weld.
if you use source equipment, pipes and fittings should be cleaned with a clean cloth or dusty for any reason.
heating the pipe into the socket fitting, which has been cut to the required length 'of the heating ledge, insert it into the IDE.
heating time is set according to the pipe after the pipe and fitting without turning in any direction cool to combine and let simmer for 5 minutes.
repeat this process for each pipe and fitting and the pipe pieces.
1 hour after the installation is ready to use. Get past :)

WARNING: in your hands the guide, installing and using the machine, please read carefully before use the device to encourage those who read it. Purchased of our product installation, use and maintenance read carefully the guide that gives information about. If in doubt, and you do not understand please ask for information over the phone from the authorized technical service for issues. The safety of the device by a person responsible for oversight and management related to the use of the device unless provided, this appliance has a physical, sensory and mental abilities disabled (including children) is not intended or to be used by people who lack experience and knowledge. The device to ensure they do not play with children, should be kept under surveillance. We wish our product to get the best yield.

Expert Interpretation:

Eltos amateur in Turkey for years , a selection of Masters for professional and top-quality, long-lasting products has produced. 100% Turkish production and economic and quality products that you can use for years without problems with it.

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