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Pastel Matte Nail Polish Metallic 505

Product Code: 1199509
  • $1.08

Tags: Pastel, Matte, Nail, Polish, Metallic, 505

Pastel Matte Metallic nail Polish 505

product information: *free return within 15 days. *Product is 100% original*the packaging does not accept the return of products


available in trendy colors , bright and lasting with the formulation allows you to create glamorous nails,feature coverage in one coat with the brush provides easy application and extra wide

product information: *Free return within 15 days. * Approval must be obtained from the store for a refund *the product is 100% original

delivery information

*the original and are sent with the invoice.

*the shipment of our products delivery time is 2-3 days.(Same day shipping is not done)

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