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Turkish Coffee 100% Original Product

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Tags: Turkish, Coffee, 100%, Original, Product

Turkish coffee city-I with our brand of "heart to heart" within the natural aroma of the coffee when she's given countless bridges that extends to your shelf, on your desk, we bring the gorgeous scent your palate with preserving the freshness of the first day.

Preparation: add half a spoon of coffee to a cup of Turkish coffee Every pot. Cold water is added. Upon request, add sugar and mix in the pot. Allow to simmer on a low flame stirring until foam is formed. Pour boiling into the cups formed foam. Then a boil, the foam by taking the complete service.

Turkish coffee the coffee reaches the “heart to heart” numerology and Coffee city-I brings the coffee as fresh as the day it was produced to your shelf, table and also by retaining the special flavor of your palate with a glorious scent.

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