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If long black false eyelashes Liones Fl-720L

Product Code: 1185415
  • $3.30

Tags: If, long, black, false, eyelashes, Liones, Fl-720L

if false eyelashes Liones Fl-720L


suitable for all skin types.

product featuresSynthetic. The single parts. Glue is located on the inside.

product advantagesand fuller your lashes are distinct.

product usageslowly bend the adhesive tape, ensure that you adhere to your lashes to align. An alias if necessary shorten your Eyelash Eyelash scissors with the help of appropriate make part of the last three. Apply a thin line of adhesive . Wait 30 seconds for the glue to become sticky thoroughly. Hold the adhesive tape of the eyelashes close to the roots as much as possible. Paste the tape and carefully press the edges down gently.

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