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Samsung Galaxy J-7 Core Banks-3.5 Mm In Ear Headphones Super Bass

Product Code: 1212913
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Tags: Samsung, Galaxy, J-7, Core, Banks-3.5, Mm, In, Ear, Headphones, Super, Bass

3.5 mm Series In-Ear Headphone Design
sound effect and Super Bass HiFi sound system
singing one to watch the video and watch the live broadcast suitable design
high frequency of each tone and the correct resolution
surrounded 3D stereo design
more comfortable and better flexibility thanks to TPE material
easy to use with Smart Volume Control
3.5mm Series, in-ear headphone design
HIFI Sound system and super bass sound effect
Perfectly designed for singing, watching videos and watching live broadcasts
High frequency and accurate resolution of each tone
3D Stereo surrounded design
More comfortable and better flexibility thanks to TPE Material
Easy operation with smart voice control
MODEL3.5mm Input




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