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Swati Gr178 Women Wristwatch

Swati Gr178 Women Wristwatch

Swati Gr178 Women Wristwatch

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GR178 Swati Women Watches

GR178 Swati women's wristwatch Features

  • Alarm: No the
  • Mechanism / display type: Quartz (battery-powered) the
  • Glass: Mineral the
  • Light: No the
  • Dial Color: red
  • shape of the dial: Round the
  • Cap: 34 the
  • red the
  • enclosure material: Plastic (Mica) the
  • cord material: Silicon
- cord color: Red - Stopwatch: Not a water resistance: 0 Mt-10 MT a Calendar: Not - Gender: Women

world-famous Swiss watch manufacturer Swati, colorful products that can cater to all tastes with variety of designs and different is becoming the choice of people who want.

in the 1970s the Swiss watch industry from the crisis in Asia cheap on Rush Hour created by Swatch founder Nicolas Hayek in the production of the new design and hours developing systems that reduce cost by saving the country from this crisis.

Swati in 1979 produced the world's thinnest wristwatch and other time with fewer parts compared to “Delirium”with the introduction of u is in a position far superior to their Japanese competitors. Everyone who can call Swati by lowering costs through creative solutions like this, is becoming a recognized brand worldwide.

Swati, has been engaged in the production of many famous brands. Among these brands, flashy jewelry, which attracts attention with Tiffany & Co, Leon Hatot, Breguet, and luxury brands such as Longines, Union Glashütte radio and include the brands that are included in upper price Group. Tissot, CK Watch & Jewelry, Balmain, Certina, Mido, Hamilton brands such as Swati is contained within.

Swati, every year a different artist or designer by working with enthusiastic photographers, is coming out with a new collection on a specific theme. Men's Watch models among Swati, Swati outside of the hours that produces standard plastic featuring internet time Beat, the world's thinnest chronograph featuring Swati SKIN Chrono, many in the ski resort a ski that can be used as a clock with access control ticket, which is a function Of the brand's technical competence and innovative products such as Swati is a testimony to their superiority. Stylish and original Watch models is quite remarkable also miss Swati designs.

yansitanl Swati loves to put together different things and creative style which is preferred by those hours; or whether they are simple, stylish or sporty is an accessory that can adapt to all sorts of your clothes.

colorful designs, high production quality watches with different patterns and your style to find the preferred yansitani Swati, Swati hour with a guarantee review and category page you can have hours Aslay.

Swati's wristwatch women GR178

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