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Olympia 4In1 Set A4 PVC lamination Machine A230S

Product Code: 1250253
  • $59.39

Tags: Olympia, 4In1, Set, A4, PVC, lamination, Machine, A230S

Personal, stationery and office users, which provides excellent performance "Olympia Laminating Machines". Feature low friction, without damaging your documents with lamination PVC coating allows in a perfect manner. The machine is ready when the led gives a signal visually. It helps make durable products Olympia lamination. Has the property of being able to move easily.

package included: A4 laminating machine, Trimmer, corner cutting, 8 A4, 8 A5, 8 A6, business card Laminating PVC bag 16

product code: A230 4in1 Set
GTIN: 4030152031160
warranty: 24 months
Color: black
aim: personal, office , PCB printed circuit

auto-off (Protection): No
removing the jammed Paper: Yes
Roll Number: 2
warm-up time: 3-5 minutes
Job Setting: No
Coating Width: 230 mm (A4)
Coating Speed (cm/min): 25 cm/min
coating thickness: 80 - 125 Mic.
power consumption: W 265
dimensions (mm): 348 x 150 x 65 mm
Weight: was 1.22 kg.

Guillotine Machine: breaking capacity 7 leaves. Cutting width 304 mm. 135 GR. 355 x 97 x 22 size.

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