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Chevrolet Spark Seat Cover Upholstery Orthopedic

Product Code: 1254568
  • $59.48

Tags: Chevrolet, Spark, Seat, Cover, Upholstery, Orthopedic

Sold in the market, that cover the highest quality auto upholstery has been registered by our customers. · Designed on basis of sporty comfort and are designed to reflect the spirit. · On the edges of both front seats,AIRBAG (airbag) is available in the rooms.In this way, the safety of the driver and the passenger has been considered.(Suitable for vehicles with airbag on the edges of the front seats) package contents: cover kit front and rear (rear seats only) + 5 2 5 title headings, there are ceplik sheath cover behind the front seats. LEATHER SEAT COVERS WITH SPECIAL INTERLINING IN BETWEEN THAT PROVIDES COMFORT SPONGES ARE AVAILABLE. IN THE CASE OF SPONGES LONG LASTING AND SPECIAL PROTECTIVE INTERLINING FABRIC WAS USED TO PREVENT LOSS. SIT IN YOUR VEHICLE AND IS DESIGNED TO PROVIDE THE IMPLEMENTATION DESIGN AND MATERIAL MORE EASILY. 5 THREAD OVERLOCK IN THE CASE WAS USED DURING THE PRODUCTION PHASE. (R & D)HAS PASSED AFTER IT IS PROVIDED TO YOU. IN OUR PRODUCTS, RUPTURE, SEPARATION, ETC.SAFE PLANTING SYSTEM WAS USED FOR SPECIAL SITUATIONS. WHEN YOU PLUG IN YOUR CAR DEFINITELY DOESN'T MAKE THIS BULGING! FREE SHIPPING PRODUCT INVOICE ARE SENT TOGETHER WITH SLAUGHTERED IN YOUR NAME. YOU CAN COMBINE IT WITH THE MADE IN CHINA IMITATION. THE ASSEMBLY CAME TO THE STORE WITH YOUR RECEIPT AND YOU CAN GET.

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