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Formulary Underwater Lamp 40 Cm (White)

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Tags: Formulary, Underwater, Lamp, 40, Cm, (White)

Formulary underwater lamp 40 cm (White)

for freshwater and saltwater aquariums is fluorescent lamp. In and out of the water or in the water in the aquarium in the desired position, fixed with the help of two suction cups is used. Of the aquarium if desired, in addition to providing illumination from the bottom provides a favorable environment for the healthy development of harmful germs by killing fish and plants.

* The lamp should be placed out of the balance of water, and should be careful not to wet.
* the lamp should not be used when the glass is broken.
* the plug should be pulled immediately when the lamp glass is broken.
* when the glass is broken the lamp, and in general should not be touched before hand into the water and pulled the plug when it has happened.

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