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Simiorganik organic chamomile flowers 100gr

Simiorganik organic chamomile flowers 100gr

Simiorganik organic chamomile flowers 100gr

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the daisy flowers, all over the world is among the most widely used herbal treatment methods for relief of various ailments. Strengthen bones with high phosphorus content, mental problems, from the fight against cancer with antioxidant effects related to the protection of the health of the nervous system has a very wide use.

other benefits of the chamomile flower are as follows:

1) is used to treat sleep disorders.

2) used for Rheumatic ailments.

3) which leads to a rash of skin diseases, alleviate the symptoms.

4) is used after meals to aid digestion.

5) is used to treat Gastritis and ulcerative colitis.

6) reduces the symptoms of allergies.

7) reduces stress.

8) prevents the contractions of the stomach and alleviates nausea.

9) ensure overall relaxation and reduce anxiety.

10) Bowel problems fixes.

11) is used to aid in the treatment of intestinal inflammation.

12) relaxes the muscles, reduces cramps.

13) increases bowel movement.

14) prevents gum disease.

15) heals inflammations of the mouth.

16) Liver runs.

17) - relieves menstrual contractions.

18) alleviates back pain.

19) strengthens the immune system.

20) gets a sore throat.

21) used as a mouthwash to treat abscess.

how to use

The Making of tea, mouth, mouthwash, in the bath water and used in the construction of the mask.

storage conditions :

cool, store in a dry place.

expiration date :

since the package has been opened 1 year.

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