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Simiorganik First Grade Goji Berry 250 Gr.

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alternative medicine fruit is one of the options, including many spoken in the area of Health. Tibet, Nepal and is grown in the Himalayan region, Tibet, the goji berry goji berry fruit is also known as the other name of happiness and of history two thousand years ago, a red fruit. Fresh and dried fruit are bright red in color when they are like grapes, grapes, between Cherries a little sweet a little sour.

some of the benefits to our health is as follows:

1) it contains high antioxidant.

2) it slows down the ageing of skin. It prevents skin cancer.

3) alleviates Depression.

4) strengthens immunity. Because it contains a lot of vitamin C. good for cold.

5) makes it easier to digest.

6) accelerate the burning of fat.

7) ensures the viability of the sperm cells.

8) regulates sugar and insulin levels.

9) regulates the level of cholesterol. Kolestrole fights against bad.

10) is beneficial to eye health.

11) is the energy source.

how to use

a handful a day can be consumed raw.

storage conditions :

a cool, dry place at + 4 C Store.

expiration date :

6 months after opening the package.

Origin :


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