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30 Piece Baby Safety Kit

Product Code: 900808
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For the safety of your children, you will make it easier with this set of 30 pieces.

The child safety kit not just the streets, houses can be very dangerous for the kids. Serious or slight injuries due to home accidents many children he lives. One way to minimize these accidents are small and take simple precautions in your house.

Especially trying to learn to walk or for kids who just found out that we are, we want to specify a highly recommended.

Healthy and your children to live freely without interrupting their development processes to help minimize possible accidents that could Home, 30 pieces consisting of special to your home safety kit child safetyexpand don't miss out!

Harmless can make the corners of the table with corner protectors, a potential danger you can avoid. Socket savers from sticking foreign objects into the receptacle openings of children you can prevent it. Cabinets with locks that you don't want your baby to open the cabinet, you can close the closet doors. The child safety lock Set (30 pieces) you can prevent many unwanted accidents.

Package Contents:

  • 12 Socket Locks
  • 8 Corner Protector
  • Cabinet 6 - Drawer Locks
  • 1 X Multi-Purpose Lock
  • Door Stopper 1
  • 1 Refrigerator Lock
  • 1 Toilet Seat Lock

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