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Naturex dishwasher Tablets 100 Herbal

Product Code: 1264846
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dishwasher Tablets 100 Herbal Naturex

Oxygen Based, Natural Borax And Complexing Materials, Provides Lasting Shine Thanks To The Water Softening Featured The Concentrated Cleaning Product. Shine And Also You Don't Need To Use A Limescale Remover. Cups, Plates, Forks, Spoons, Etc. Matlastirmaz Materials Will Not Scratch, Karartmaz. Machine Life And Performance Increases.
Product Composition :
15 %To 30% Trisodyum Citrate,
%5 - &15 Sodium Percarbonate
%1 - %5 Borax Decahydrate,
%To 0.2% Flavor 1 Lemon.

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