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Kocatepe VIP Gift Package

Kocatepe VIP Gift Package

Kocatepe VIP Gift Package

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VIP gift package for for your company name or private individual boxes can be prepared.

Corporate VIP gift package that you are trying to can be performed by using your company name or your company logo.


KOCATEPE Turkish coffee, 250 gr

a tradition that has lasted for half a century...

with great precision, carefully selected natural stone that is formed by grinding roasted coffee beans in a mill exclusive of a ritual.


more granular and coarse soft, calming option in the aroma of cardamom that is synonymous with!

100 g Mastic FLAVOURED Turkish coffee KOCATEPE

its own unique taste, foam and Mastic will always be your favorite aroma smell blended with the taste!


the most enjoyable moments you spent with your friends, for your lift, fragrant, indispensable...

custom DESIGN Cup Team ( 2), and designer water glass ( 2 )

Coffee Kocatepe, life, friendship, and the sake of the details that will add serenity to symbolize the forty years that makes a difference with quality glass Mugs and coffee mugs custom design with gold gilt Kocatepe featured the original design with a classic pattern that finds the life of the naive and the processing view, with uncompromising elegance and style.

is designed for you...



Turkish coffee is one of the oldest coffee preparation and cooking methods that have come to the present day from the Ottoman Empire, which has an important place in Turkish culture. It has a unique identity and tradition with its unique taste, foam, smell and presentation style. It is the only type of coffee served with grounds.

There are famous Best and Top Turkish Coffee Brands such as Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi, Selamlique, Mahmood, Kervansaray, Osso Ottoman Coffee, Nuri Toplar, Mandabatmaz, Kahve Dünyası, Hafız Mustafa and more. 

If you wonder How to make Turkish coffee,  you can Buy Turkish Coffee from All Turkey’s famaous Turkish Coffee brands are waiting for you.


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