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Formula Sensibio Ar BB Cream 40 Ml

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Formula Sensibio Ar BB cream 40 ml

Sensibio Cream AR both instant and long-term problems will contribute to the elimination of redness.
Uva17 and provides SPF 30 protection.

complex Rosactiv (Yesil tea extract, gingko biloba and soya beans) products that contain moisturizing ingredients like sodium PCA, avocado phytosterols, proteins and helps to increase the tolerance level of the skin with glycerin.

Light & Lean has a structure that does not contain perfumes and a coloring agent.

Pre-cleansed, dry skin once or twice a day can be applied.

Sensibio Ar Cream Formula Features:

fragrance-free formula. Hipoalerjenik is.Does not contain coloring agent.

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