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Polo Exchange Sunglasses Kids Polarized 502 C16 45

Product Code: 1256103
  • $11.36

Tags: Polo, Exchange, Sunglasses, Kids, Polarized, 502, C16, 45

Ekartman: 45
glass type in: Polarized
Frame: Bone / Yesil
glass color/Type: black / round
Glass Height:38 mm
the width of the nose:14 mm
shank length:130 mm
glass filter: UV400
* all our products are sent with the security tape.
* returns the original case, warranty certificate and are requested to be made along with wiping rags.
* Original Case and warranty certificate will be sent along with wiping rags.
* 100% genuine Product.
* 2-year warranty.

shank length : 140 mm
nose bridge : 20mm

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