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18609 Prosev Motorcycle Jackets With Humps

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18609 Prosev Motorcycle Jackets With Humps

Madura 600-d-resistant fabric, produced from the motorcycle and presented to the appreciation of users with humps Project 18609 motorcycle jacket, waterproof, will protect you in the rain. Lining is soft because the structure of long and short-distance trips will maximize your comfort. Specially designed air release channels for front and rear thanks to the jacket you won't and you never will not make you sweat.
Jacket original YKK Brand zipper manufactured using intact, you can easily use for many years. The original rear reflector pants zipper merge 3mm multi-function pockets and the rear is functionally embedded in the product.
The waist thanks to the belt-tightening, your body can easily use.
CE certified protection, the product is available in titanium. Shoulders, elbows, Back, Removable guards you can use safely with your vehicle.

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