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Whiskas Tuna In Jelly Canned Cat 400 GR X 6

Product Code: 1274405
  • $13.31

Tags: Whiskas, Tuna, In, Jelly, Canned, Cat, 400, GR, X, 6

over 12 months for cats contains all the nutrients it needs. To ensure fast and stable development, as well as easily digestible. Calcium and phosphorus in bone and tooth structure, the protein is helpful to the development of a strong Nov.

the nutrient Components

analysis values(%): 85 Humidity(Max), 8.5 crude protein, crude fat 5, crude fiber 1(max), crude ash 3(up)

water, Sardines(at least %25.2-30.8), chicken, tuna(at least %2.43-piece 2.97), Jellendirme ingredients, lamb, beef, flour Amorphophallus konjac plant.

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