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Twin Blanket Cotton 150X240 Cm Karna Home Contracting

Product Code: 1269319
  • $20.06

Tags: Twin, Blanket, Cotton, 150X240, Cm, Karna, Home, Contracting

ultra-soft and lightweight Home Contracting Karna Blanket you comfort, warmth and will give you a sense of homelessness. Stylish star thanks to the pressure of the room can be used as a decorative element. It will be a real decoration of the House, will highlight your taste and the delicacy and finesse of the interior will add. In a blanket 60% cotton and 40% acrylic because it is made from softer, more robust, wear-resistant, resistant to shrink and stretch.

the main advantages of the model:
• Lightweight, insanely soft and delicate
• hypo-allergenic composition
• Good thermoregulation and breathability
• doesn't Shrinkage.
• in the sun, fade-resistant
• easy to care for, does not wrinkle
• wear resistant
• well the paint holds up after washing again and again, and even maintains the original appearance
• Original and unique design
• can be used as bedspread (240 cm Width of the blanket)

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