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The Design Of The Ring Ring Phone Holder Selfie For Tablet

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The Design Of The Phone Ring Holder Tablet


That you receive when using their cell phones and tablets thousands of pounds by giving you practical and very affordable solution to not drop the ring design phone tablet Holder!

Phone - tablet with the ring from your hand you're slipping!

We didn't have our phones, watching video, surfing the internet, playing games or reading an e-book, now we can use it with more confidence.

Also you can use it as a ring stand phone tablet Holder. Secure it to the ring on the table and keep you in your comfort.

That you can stick to the back of your phone easily-slip through the structure in a practical way you can apply. Stabilize your phone after you can remove or replace as much as you want, lose its adhesive property. Wash the sticky part and you can paste it again and again.

Whether hand-in-if you want to use you can use to secure it to the table!

The Ring The Design Of The Phone - Tablet Holder! Features:

All mobile devices (mobile phone, tablet) compatible.

Sturdy, adhesive structure that can be used over and over again. (Washed with water )

After you stabilize to your phone or tablet 360 degrees rotatable structure, provides the possibility to practical use.

Repeated use, lose its adhesive property.

Thanks to its extensive ring structure, all the fingers can be used.

Face Phone Holder Package Contents:

1 phone - tablet Stabilizer Ring (in black and white colors. In a choice of colors. Will be sent in mixed colors.)

Phone - Tablet Ring Holder Product Dimensions:

4.5 cm x 3.5 cm (bonding portion)


Package Contents:

1 X Design Phone Ring Holder Tablet





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