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140 Plus Wee Baby Classic Wide-Mouthed Heat-Resistant Glass Bottle 180 Ml

Product Code: 1112795
  • $4.08

Tags: 140, Plus, Wee, Baby, Classic, Wide-Mouthed, Heat-Resistant, Glass, Bottle, 180, Ml

Wee 140 plus baby classic Wide-Mouthed heat-resistant glass bottle 180 ml

  • It's mother's breast, which resembles a pacifier specially shaped to grasp the floor with the design flexibility and provides a sense of the mother's breast , bottle-feeding and breastfeeding combine.
  • Antikolik the sucking valve ( air) system reduces gas formation during suckling.
  • +200 and it is resistant to temperature and temperature changes between -20.
  • to prevent drain, fingerprint cover is equipped with a practical design.
  • has the ability to be used as both a Sippee Cup and bottle.

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