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Spin Mop Cleaning Bucket, Cleaning Up The New Generation Tablet Kit-700

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new generation Spin Mop Bucket Cleaning kit for Tablet cleaning up-700

Spin Mop our brand new member Mop Tablet our product; that fits anywhere lightweight, handy, space-saving, ergonomic, chemical cleaning agents that can clean without touching the palette and the product practical and easy to use product. Tiles, wall, hardwood, marble, granite, glass and window can be used. Our replacement cloth for use on different surfaces you can add to your shopping list.

Tablet properties of mop

the product consists of a total of 2 reservoir. In general, the product of 10 liters. The cloth is washed on one side and on the other side to dry off one side, you need to fill it with water.

the reservoir has a capacity of 5 liters of water 1st and clean up to use soap, detergent or Surface Cleaner with water. The 2nd reservoir is 5 liters. The drying process is done the tablet only in the 2nd chamber because the water in this area are not suitable to be filled.

set the mop completely wet the tablet is in your hands! How?

Mop the tightening process increases as the number of Tablet' in the course of a damp mop will become clean and filtered water will be ready to automatically.


dip into the drying Hopper, the walls tightening in the range of 3-5 to delete and delete when I get out will be the ideal level for the wall.

dip into the drying hopper to wash the floor tightening in the range of 6-8 and will be the ideal level for mopping floors when I get out.

to delete the glass in the range of 9-10 tightening when removing it to wipe off the glass and sink into the drying Hopper will be the ideal level.

(you is going to use it anyway you can make by tightening the area for moisture control.)

single color product.

Tablet Mop Measurements: Best: 21 cm Depth: 22 Height: 38 cm

tablet of the mop shank sizes: 128 CM

dimensions tablet mop of the cloth;

Best:12 cm
Height:33 cm.

cirtli diapers with Velcro and can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

you can use the glands in the range of 9-12 month. (the time may vary according to frequency of use.)

the easily washable with a detergent.

spirit of salt and bleach use is not strictly appropriate. The surface of the cloth wears out.

what's in the package?

  • 1 two-sided clamping apparatus bucket
  • the SAP system Mop 1 tablet screw
  • microfiber cloth Mop 1 tablet inserted palette

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