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Olympia A330 A3 Laminating Machine Pvc

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OLYMPIA A330 A3 laminating machine Professional documents in a professional manner and in smaller sizes for intensive use, designed to apply hot or cold lamination in a manner as quick and precise.

Professional laminating machine OLYMPIA A330 A3 size and smaller documents, pictures, cards, documents for covering, such as PVC, specially designed with 2 rolls at one time, it performs without error.

Quick warm-up time, the user with time-saving model, 75-125 microns (each leaf) with a speed of 25 cm per minute documents between PVC containers.

package included: A3 laminating machine

· " coating and Lamination sizes : A3 or smaller Documents, Pictures, business cards

· " with a cylinder coating laminating Film Manufacturing 2 Special flawless.

· " Yesil is ready to notify that the temperature of the machine with light.

· " applicable minimum film thickness: 75 Microns.

· " Applicable Maximum film thickness: 125 Microns.

· " High Performance , low power consumption,

· " hot and cold lamination, coating property.

· " coating Laminating speed: 25 cm / minute.

· " Manual anti-jam system.

· " time to reach maximum temperature is 3~5 minutes.

· " Lamination type: documents, pictures, cards, etc.

· " warning and working lights : Yes

· " manual-sparing arm to prevent the jam

· the " sensor type : automatic PVC film making

· " Dimensions 440 x 150 x 65 mm

· " working voltage : 400 W

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