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Olympia A230 A4 Pvc Lamination Machine

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A230 A4 laminating machine OLYMPIA

your documents and that you want to hide all of your documents, Olympia Laminator A230 A4 now a machine that is under protection. A4-size papers and a smaller size in Olympia Laminator A230 A4 of the machine feature quick and easy skin as a result of the way that can be maintained for many years reaches. Documents, papers, coating process, with the latest technology, with this device, users are a simple stationary process. Minutes of 25cm/min coating speed is a wonder of technology that works with Olympia A230 A4, with a uniform coating of quality hot and cold options makes your paperwork ready. Even small mistakes on paperwork influenced by lamination in the coating process, it is known that left serious damages. a Olympia laminator A230 A4s, between 80 microns and 125 microns feature a delicate coating, thanks to the lamination process, you will get excellent results.

in the process of Laminating to obtain the desired yield, Olympia A230 A4’s hard heat settings feature is ready for use as a professional option. To start this process, the document feeding mouth is enough to place the document you want to occupy. Your document will be ready for transparent and clear coated. Price quality analysis is performed, A230 A4 users the advantages of Olympia continues to make you smile. All this perfect the process of lamination of the device in only 1.7 kg. Capable of measuring easily work with feature beside 348x150x65 mm in size were produced. Birth certificate, driver's license, finish the paperwork, such as the size of a small card with A4-size documents is perfectly capable of the same quality of the coating process.

after you order, you A230 A4 laminating machine Olympiayou will begin to experience the privilege of using ni. Lamination of documents has to be considered an important aspect in the process is whether the durable coating. the Olympia A230 A4 feature thanks to the latest technical coating, PVC coating gives superior results by reducing the friction. This feature is due to the smooth coating strong 2 cylinder parts. By reaching the desired heat level in the range of 3 -5 minutes, the coating process noktalandirir rapidly. Storage important files, photos and documents, Olympia, a 230 laminating machine A4yle trust and is safe. A230 A4 Olympia, your work and your place will be inserted in with ease.

package included: A4 laminating machine

product code: A230
GTIN: 4030152031160
warranty: 24 months
Color: black
aim: personal, office, PCB printed circuit

auto-off (Protection): No
removing the jammed Paper: Yes
Roll Number: 2
warm-up time: 3-5 minutes
Job Setting: No
Coating Width: 230 mm (A4)
Coating Speed (cm/min): 25 cm/min
coating thickness: 80 - 125 Mic.
power consumption: W 265
dimensions (mm): 348 x 150 x 65 mm
Weight: was 1.22 kg.

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