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100Gr Canned Cat Bunny Vom Feins from Animo in Hindi

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Tags: 100Gr, Canned, Cat, Bunny, Vom, Feins, from, Animo, in, Hindi

Feins 100gr canned cat bunny vom Animo in Hindi from

in the content so as to meet the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals, complete and balanced have been combined.That contain vitamins and additives that is tailored to meet the needs of canned pet cat. Cats eating dry cat food, especially the mama who chose the difficult daily
can be used to meet nutritional needs with food. Cat eats dry cat food to cans as much as possible should be given in small quantities, and to fail to give up the Cats dry food should be provided.

contents: meat and animal Derivatives (min 25% of turkey meat, 8% rabbit), minerals.
Analysis Protein, 10.5% fat, %5.2 , crude fiber 0.3%, crude ash %1.6 moisture %80,5.
Additions: 200 IU vitamin D3, 0.5 mg E4, E6 and 5.7 mg, 1,4 mg, E5, 0.1 mg E2

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