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100Gr canned turkey salmon cat Vom in Animo from vicious Feins

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Tags: 100Gr, canned, turkey, salmon, cat, Vom, in, Animo, from, vicious, Feins

100gr canned turkey salmon cat Vom in Animo from vicious Feins

formulated in accordance with the nutritional needs of neutered cats, turducken canned complete adult cat salmon and fish. Sterilised cats low-calorie and fatty foods should be fed. In this way, pet your friends don't have a weight problem. High energy calories and causes your cat to gain weight. Vicious cat canned cat food in the flavor and quantity of nutrition Animo fondly.,

meat and animal Derivatives 60% (30% of beef, pork, and poultry)vegetables (4% potatoes), minerals. Analysis: Protein 10%. 5, the oil is 5%. 2. Neutered cats canned cat food colorant and flavor enhancer that are appropriate to the needs of Animo does not contain any substances.

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