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No chimney for use with carbon filter (Arçelik P27YI-P27YB-suitable for models P27YS)

Product Code: 877052
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Tags: No, chimney, for, use, with, carbon, filter, (Arçelik, P27YI-P27YB-suitable, for, models, P27YS)

No chimney for use with carbon filter (Arçelik P27YI-P27YB-suitable for models P27YS)

The activated carbon filter is used for only the specified model or models in ref.


(Same brand ,different model compatible carbon filters for your hood, please inquire via message please)


Carbon granules are used in our products.


We were sold the carbon filters are original.


Carbon filter is the representation of images in adverts.Hood compatible with your own original pictures.


Has been tested with all hoods carbon filters that are compatible.


Plastic granular carbon particles contained within the reservoir ,the hood and the house that is absorbed by fat and prevents the formation of bad odors in odors locked in.


Carbon filter life varies according to frequency of use.


Recommended service life is 1 year.


Package contents 2 are equipped with carbon filters.Suction is performed with a carbon filter in the hood Department 1 2 other units.


Package contains: 2 pieces ( 1 set) are equipped with carbon filters.


NOTE:before making the purchase, please see the flyer on the cooktop of cooktop you are using with the Model Code the model code is the same for that of make sure that.

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