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Baby Minie-Mb-321 Long Switched Window Lock - Brown

Product Code: 1094261
  • $5.21

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Miny Baby MB-321 Long Switched Window Lock - Brown

  • security doors and windows that can be used safely for a zero-tolerance assurance which provides you with minybaby with child lock.
  • can be opened only with the key and is used by mounting with screws in accordance with the edge of the door window.
  • while providing ventilation by preventing full opening of the window applied to cases falling in front of passes.
  • can be opened only with a key that provides complete security.
  • to secure the thief is also the most cost-effective measure.
  • especially families with children, schools, dormitories, hospitals and hotels in securing the window to the most appropriate solution.
  • Sliding closet, window, as well as against theft and the safety of kids is suitable for use on doors ensures maximum safety.
  • a rechargeable electric screwdriver is included in the package with mounting screws or by using the Smart can be easily performed.
  • is anahtarli.
  • available in steel wire rope.
  • easy-to-use are, however, certainly not unbreakable and can be easily disconnected.
  • allows opening the product brief.
  • products are always available the same key, and one key can open all locks.
  • each pack is also available.
  • product color "brown" ones.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System produced by applying the Turkish patent Institute approved by the patented product.
  • it is resistant to pressure load up and 450-500 kg.
  • Products five (5) year warranty.
  • Package, 1 (one) available.

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