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Mycey Mini Multi-Purpose Lock 2

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Ctrl + N mini multi-purpose Lock 2

  • small children stir up their curiosity, sometimes it is caused by exposure to a wide variety of home accidents.
  • multi-purpose lock is easily mounted to various surfaces.
  • children's cabinet doors, drawers, refrigerators, buffet and prevents you from easily opening trunk lids.
  • with curved or angular surfaces, or is used for all kinds of household items that can be opened and closed.
  • wood, glass, metal, plastic, laminated surfaces can be used.
  • the area where you will mount lock set.
  • allow it to be mounted at the height of children's reach.
  • Cabinet, buffet, or drawer to be mounted in such as make sure the surface is clean and dry.
  • wet and on slippery surfaces the adhesive to the surface of the product, you will not be able to paste endings.
  • lock the lock without separating the three parts that make up the end of one of a friend, my protector and paste it into the cover surface and strip the tag.
  • making sure it is not loose or too tight lock flexible lock on the other end of the protective tape, remove the label and press onto the surface that you specify.
  • product thoroughly we recommend that you wait a few hours for adhesion.
  • the lock to open the lock by pressing down on one end surface of a flexible tape that you pasted from the tip and gently separate.
  • locks again when pushing in the tip of the tape on the end of flexible lock and the lock is fully inserted make sure.
  • multi-purpose lock if you want to change the location of the sticky ends of double-sided tape you can easily use the Lada.
  • package included: 2 Mycey mini Multi-Purpose lock.

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