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Tefal On-The-Go Blender

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Tefal ONTHEGO Blender, which manages to prepare drinks of exceptional taste, also opens the door to a healthy life. It provides ease of use regardless of whether you are at home or at work. It is the greatest helper for those who enjoy eating, especially not as food, but as junkies. Tefal ONTHEGO Blender appeals to people who want to prepare drinks in a short time.
It can prepare fruit or vegetable juices in a short time.
With its unique ice-breaking feature, it's signing on to even more refreshing drinks.
It can be taken anywhere thanks to its non-drip cover and easy-to-carry feature.
It provides great ease in cleaning with its washing feature in the dishwasher.
It brings aesthetic beauty to its place with its stylish and elegant appearance.
Easy Preparation
Fruity blends or vegetable blends without any problems Tefal ONTHEGO Blender is pulled into a beverage called smoothie. Just add your fruits or vegetables to the 0.6 L capacity ONTHEGO Jug by reducing them casually and pushing them slightly from the top so that they blend. If you like coffee, you can also make any coffee beverage derivative you want in minutes with Tefal ONTHEGO Blender.
Unique Ice Breaking Feature
Tefal ONTHEGO Blender has a 4-blade structure that can break the ice you add to any drink without difficulty and integrate it with your drink. In this aspect it sheds light not only on the home environment but also on the professionals. It manages to get the current full score from Bar employees or coffee baristas. In addition to being elegant and pleasant, the proper size design also avoids the need for unnecessary floor covering.

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