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Double Electric Blanket Boyrali 120*160 Product Campaign

Product Code: 1242714
  • $10.06

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BOYRALI double electric blanket 120*160 premium product

BOYRALI LUX double electric blanket

Textile Surface: heat treatment process that are linked in 380 g/m2 NONWOVEN polyester textile material.

heater system: Dual-coil, dual-layer cr-ni resistance heating element are coated with insulation resistant to the outer surface of 125 degrees. This new generation of job security are raised to the maximum level with a heating element.

more flexible and more durable against breakage through the spiral windings of wire 4 times.

heating system Properly, a homogeneous temperature distribution.

this product has a thermostat and protection against overheating.

this product there is insurance protection against voltage changes.

2 heat settings. (0-1-2) Off-warm-hot

port STA-300 high-quality insulation materials used.

technical data: 220 V / 2 * 0,27 a / 2 * 60 WATT / 50 Hz

dimensions: 120 cm * 160 cm

be sure to read the instruction manual that came with the product before using the product.


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