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7607 Funia Mamma V-Neck Maternity T-Shirt - Antonia - Black / M Body

Product Code: 1154583
  • $6.06

Tags: 7607, Funia, Mamma, V-Neck, Maternity, T-Shirt, -, Antonia, -, Black, /, M, Body

100% cotton fabric is manufactured.

the full length of your hips and your heart turns easily tights & pants you can wear out with.

T-shirt located next to the stitched custom stitched ruffles and long enough to cover your belly, especially T-shirts every body easily adapts to change. Thus, During Pregnancy always this T-shirt you can use very easily.

regardless of the difference in the months, T-shirts, we are confident that will meet your needs.

use it and get comfortable :)

colors : black , white , gray,

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