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Gourmet Perle Grilled Tuna Canned Cat 85 Gr

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Purina Gourmet Perle Pouch tuna 85 G Grilled Canned Cat

for adult cats, prepared with special sauce cooked on the grill, really containing pieces of fish, adult cat food is delicious.* For a more intense flavor, have been fillet in a special sauce.* Which are fresh in aluminum foil pouch, for single use only.

the contents of the cans; Water, meat and meat derivatives (tuna 4%), vegetable protein (wheat gluten), sugar, additives, sage, vitamins and minerals.

Canning analysis; crude protein % 14,0 crude oil, 2.5%, crude cellulose, 0.5% of water of 79%, calcium 0.05%, phosphorus 0.2%, sodium 0.1, 1490 vitamin A IU, vitamin D3 230 IU, E vitamini10 mg.

nutrition advice; 4 kg of body weight for adult cats two meals per day with 3 packs it is recommended to supply separate.Pregnant and breastfeeding, for cats, it is recommended that it be given all he can eat.The amount above the daily feeding of your cat's activity, exercise status, environmental conditions, and stress will vary depending on temperament. The above amount can be increased or decreased as needed to promote optimal body weight.Always keep fresh drinking water next to food.Store at room temperature. After opening should be stored in the refrigerator should be consumed within 3 days and maximum.

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