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Sparkling Turkish Coffee Machine With Eco Arnica Aa120A

Product Code: 1341492
  • $11.29

Tags: Sparkling, Turkish, Coffee, Machine, With, Eco, Arnica, Aa120A

Sparkling Turkish coffee Maker Eco AA120A Arnica

bringing the traditional Turkish coffee machine Turkish coffee to enjoy sparkling eco aa120a arnica, quick cooking technology saves time. With its compact design, which allows the device to save space in the kitchen drawer or on the countertop, the Cup, with the capacity crowd makes it quite practical to make coffee for the guests.

foamy Turkish coffee Experience

  • ergonomic design with sparkling details eco arnica Turkish coffee Maker, making it comfortable to use. the
  • 4 cups at once, which allows the machine to cook the coffee, and saves on time. the
  • Turkish coffee machine, Turkish coffee lovers to enjoy a frothy coffee experience. the
  • safety system that prevents operation without water, the machine offers you a secure handling. the
  • 360º revolving body to move easily and easy service makes it possible to do. the
  • manufactured from stainless steel, concealed heating element, to facilitate cleaning of the pot.

in the body section of the pot at the same time the light on/ off button, allows easy and practical to use.

high-performance technical specifications

  • power (W): 800 w the
  • Color: Cream in
  • Cup, capacity: 4 the
  • water tank capacity: 250 ml the
  • Coffee Pot material: plastic

Practicality, Offering design details

Arnica Eco Sparkling Turkish coffee machine in a box along with instruction manual and warranty certificate has been taking place. The information about the device it is possible to achieve in more detail in the manual of the device.

Innovative Turkish brand Arnica

started its operations in Turkey in 1962, Arnica; - developed practical, creative, innovative, and functional with electric appliances, is helping to raise people's living standards. Beverage preparation, cooking and frying, heating and cooling, ironing and personal care product groups with distinguished domestic-brand-new-generation products, with users daily manages to make their job easier and practical.

Arnica AA120A Sparkling, coffee is a sine qua non of hours

Arnica Cream which will provide great convenience for you in the kitchen Sparkling Turkish coffee machine, Turkish coffee of frothy and delicious in a way it lets you do. Cream color that will fit in every kitchen with a coffee maker, easy to use, makes it much more practical to make the Turkish coffee for you.

practicality of the product in the foreground for you at the same time, capacity 4 cups coffee until the crowd and gives you time when your guests are coffee-making and practicality. Sparkling Turkish coffee 800 watt Eco Power machine, dry special operation and thus has a safety system to prevent unwanted accidents to a minimum. Stainless steel hidden resistance, thanks to its ergonomic design and 360-degree rotation feature, it is more comfortable for you.

Safety overheatingThere
Safety DrippingNo
cup capacity4
Guaranteed NotesIf you purchased the product if it requires installation, call the nearest authorized service center.The product box (packaging) of the opening and the installation should be performed by an Authorized Service Center. Otherwise, your product is covered by warranty..
power (W)800
automatic shutdownNo

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